About Us

About TJ’s Hydroponics

We opened up July 2013 and have been an asset to a lot of growers in Upstate NY. Our goal is to help every grower succeed in the ideas of growing either hydroponically or in soil. There  are so many ways to grow gardens indoors and outside, we are here to explain the many ways to go about that and give you tips and tricks to have your garden growing to the best of its ability.

We are open 7 days a week for all of our customers convince. We are the distributors of scientific soils in all of Upstate NY. If you are a retail owner and are looking to carry the soil please contact Tj Lewis for wholesale pricing.

TJ's Hydroponics, Inc.

  • 4205 Long Branch Rd.
    Liverpool, NY
  • Tel: (315) 314-6776
  • Fax: (315) 314-6847
  • Email: tj@tjshydroponics.com