House & Garden Aqua Flakes A -- 1 Liter

House & Garden Aqua Flakes A — 1 Liter


The complete base nutrient for Hydroton, Oasis Cubes, Rockwool and Coco. Aqua Flakes is especially suited for recirculating hydroponic systems. Nutrient water stays fresh and pure, at the same time, the superbly balanced nutrients ensure optimal nutrient absorption by the plant at every feeding.

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Product Description

Alternative to Hydro A&B and Coco Nutrient A&B.

House & Garden A&B Aqua Flakes are an excellent balanced nutrient. ensuring optimal root absorption.

  • Designed for use in both run to waste rock wool and NFT re-circulating style systems.
  • Special composition of the nutrient solution leaves the reservoir water pure and fresh.
  • Lack of bulking agents makes nutrient transfer from root to plant easier.
  • Highest quality nutrients on the market to date including Eddha-Fe (iron).
  • Liquid composed of essential nutrients and trace elements.
  • An excellent start for your plants.

1L (.26 gallons)
5L (1.32 gallons)
10L (2.64 gallons)
20L (5.26 gallons)

Used during the entire growth cycle. Specifically formulated for hydroponic growth. Not a stand alone product. This is intended for use with the House and Garden nutrient line. View Feed Schedule and House and Garden Nutrient Calculator.

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